Fabrication for the Steel Mill Industry


Portfolio001wA customer in the steel mill industry requested a Shan-Rod brand wafer-style butterfly valve for a unique application. The valve body, disk, flanges, and shaft were constructed from carbon steel with a 7″ face-to-face thickness, utilizing a series of processes to create the specified dimensions and shape including high definition plasma cutting, forming, and MIG welding. Precision CNC machining techniques including vertical turning and horizontal boring were also carried out for the o-ring grooves and seat. The valve was assembled carefully, and coated with surface prep SSPC-SP3, then finished with an acrylic enamel paint top coat. FAT testing and hydrostatic body testing was carried out in-house to ensure accuracy and quality.

This class 300 wafer valve is designed to handle natural gas, and features a swing-thru seat type, and rotary type pneumatic piston actuator. The design temperature is 80°F with inlet design pressure of 250 psig, and shut off design pressure of 155 psig. The duct connection was based on ASME/ANSI B16.5 Class 300 specifications. The valve has an outside diameter of 18″, and weighs 1,460 lbs. Turnaround time for this project was 12 weeks, delivering one valve to the client in Burns Harbor, Indiana. This valve has applications in industries including refineries, power plants, natural gas plants, and acid plants. For more details about this large wafer valve project, or to find out more, contact us.