At Shan-Rod, we utilize modern technologies and techniques to engineer and manufacture our dampers and valves to meet the toughest design conditions. In addition to the valve design, we select and recommend the best materials available to meet those conditions.

Since 1969, Shan-Rod has sold over (22,000) dampers worldwide and has expanded into the cement, aluminum and mining industries. Our product line now includes gate valves, guillotines, multi-louvers, high pressure control valves, tight shutoff butterfly valves and pressure vessels.

In addition to valve production, Shan-Rod, Inc. also excels in General Fabrication and Assembly. Shan-Rod, Inc. has held an ASME “U” stamp for more than 20 years. So we can fabricate your new Pressure Vessel. And with our “R” stamp, we can modify or repair your existing Pressure Vessel as well.