Shan-Rod Brand Valve Manufacturing Video

Classic Shan-Rod Brand Valve Manufacturing Process

2100 Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve with Battery Backup Actuator

Flate-O-Seal Rectangular Butterfly Valve

2600 Diverter Tee Valve Operation

Link & lever arm actuated butterfly valve

Ø120″ Diameter Cylinder Actuated Butterfly Valve

Cam Activated Limit Switches on Butterfly Valve

Friction Lock Handlever Butterfly Valve

2600 Diverter Tee Valve

Diverter Valve w/ Battery Actuator loss of power

Stack Cap Valve Stroke Test

Open Stroke Test of a Ø54″ Model 4100 Ev-O-Seal Damper

Diverter Tee Valve Operational Test

Odd Flange Valve Operational Test

2100 Butterfly Valve

2500 Style (Solid Wafer Valve) Operational Test