Looking for 0% Leakage? We Have the Answer.

Leakage Prevention Tops the List of Priorities for Valve Customers

If you’re looking for optimized valve leakage elimination, here are two solutions you should be aware of: Shan-Rod’s EV-O-SEAL (4100) and FLATE-O-SEAL (4300).

EV-O-SEAL (4100)

  • Class V leakage
  • Large & odd sizes
  • Available in all weldable alloys

The basic damper consists of a fabricated carbon steel body with machined stainless steel seat, carbon steel reinforced disc with machined O-ring groove and retainer, carbon steel flanges, 304 stainless stub shaft, stainless steel taper pins, stainless packing follower, graphitar or carbon inboard bushings, graphite packing and lantern gland, lubricated and bolted stuffing boxes with alemite purge fittings and standard O-ring. Flanges can be supplied with Shan-Rod standard drilling for ductwork or plate flanges that conform to 125/150 ANSI drilling or 125/150 ANSI flanges.


  • Bubble tight shut-off
  • No-wear seat design
  • No seating torque required

The basic valve consists of a fabricated carbon steel body, carbon steel disc with 304 stainless disc edge, plate flanges that conform to ductwork drilling and plate flanges for 125/150# ANSI drilling, 304 stainless stub shafts, taper pins, packing follower and studs, carbon inboard bushings, one outboard bearing (power end), graphite packing, packing follower and lubricated stuffing boxes and alemite purge fitting, inflatable elastomer seal.

The valve’s inflatable seal encompasses the entire circumference of the disc when energized, and completely shuts off all flow. The valve is covered by U.S. patent number 3,840,208. An automatic or manual seal system using instrument air is furnished as an integral part of the valve and used in conjunction with a manual or automatic actuator. Shan-Rod engineers select the most compatible materials and elastomers for the service encountered in the chemical, refining, steel, paper and power industries.