Benefits of the Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valves: More Efficient in Functionality and Cost

When looking to facilitate a large valve application, you may be considering a variety of valve types, including ball valves, plug valves, globe valves and butterfly valves. Butterfly valves stand out as the best choice in many cases, particularly for large valve applications, due to the significant savings achieved in cost, space and weight by their use.

Additionally, there are very few moving parts in a butterfly valve and no pocket areas where fluids can become trapped so maintenance costs are comparably low. These valves are excellent for use with large flows of gasses or liquids, including those that are largely made up of suspended solids (such as cement or coal suspended in water).

Not Just Any Butterfly ValveCustom-Made Butterfly Valve

Here at Shan-Rod, we offer high-quality, custom-built butterfly dampers and gate valves that meet all ASME section IX welding standards. They are abrasion, heat and corrosion resistant and able to be used in a wide range of applications, from media transfer to isolation and venting. While many companies produce butterfly valves specific to low-capacity flows, we have the ability to meet even your high-pressure specifications.

If you need non-generic butterfly valve service that is customized to your needs, we’re here to help.